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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I believe our purpose is the reason for being, the why for my creation, your creation, our very existence. A few months ago, I prayed asking God to show me my purpose, lead me, direct me to the path He would have me to discover. I know that our purpose is usually that thing that we are really good at and God helps us to birth that very thing.

I consider myself great at a lot of things; being a mother, my craft, knowledge and love for hair, cooking, my love for financial literacy, organization and balance. I like to be in control, so the creation of schedules, weekly meal plans, and so many other things that comes naturally to me. One day while spending time with God, clear as day, He puts in my spirit, “Helping Moms Find Balance!" I was stunned, like wait, where did that come from?... God you say what?

As mentioned, I am pretty awesome at a few things but being a woman and a mother are two things that I cherish.  I started to write down my ideas whenever they came to mind. I wanted this to be something I could be proud of, I desired the perfect name, after so much thought and names, nothing stuck with me. Then, I thought about the task of mother, especially my duties as a mother of six. We do so much, we sacrifice so much, and honestly it is not easy, but it is so worth it.  

So after much prayer and some serious guidance from God, "Mommin' Ain't Easy" was birthed. It’s a for "US," by "US" place for Mamas. A space created for us to connect and help find balance in our daily lives as mothers, wives, women.  Mommin’ Ain’t Easy is a work in progress, as time moves forward, so many other amazing things will unfold. Here,on this platform, I will be transparent about my duties as mother, woman of God, the struggles, all while helping other mothers with the same difficulties. You will find blog posts, healthy recipes, truth, inspiration, mental health/self-care tips and most of all how to find balance as a mother so you can continue to pour from a full glass and find time for you.

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy will provide consultations for mamas, to help provide services needed to make life so much easier and balanced. Whatever you can think of to make life easier, Shayla J., the mama guru, will have you covered with services from meal planning, meal preps, schedules, chore creation/chart, fitness, budget/financial literacy, mama essentials, self-care, special occasions, help with starting business, choosing you all while not neglecting your duties as mother/wife. I created this space for us, because I know how difficult it can be but what I have realized lately is that life is so much better with balance and the people you love.

Service bundles will be added to website soon, but right now, I desire to learn more about each and every one of you while we discover new ways to be a better versions of us, mothers for the little ones that depend on us.  Let’s “Mommin’ Together,” by subscribing, liking on social media, and sharing with other mothers that would benefit from this platform.

I don’t know exactly what to expect from this new venture, but I do know where God leads, you follow. Cheers to a more balanced life, enjoy the website. (Oh yea, I created it all on my own!) Really proud of me because this has been a frustrating ride, lol and of course I would rather pay someone else to do it, but a lot of things are changing for me, and I want to include you.

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