Taco Tuesday

We decided to do "Pescatarian " for a few weeks. Pescatarian is a person who does not eat meat but does fish. Our family has not ruled out meat completely, just wanted to try some healthier choices and compare our bodies. This is "Week 2 " of just fish and shrimp.

*picture above is picture of our "BlueCatfish Tacos"



1-2lbs BlueCatfish Fillet

2 Tbsp minced olive oil

1 Tbsp minced garlic

1 Small yellow/white onion

1 Package of Cabbage Slaw Mix

2 Limes


Fresh Pico de Gallo

Sour Cream

Shredded Cheese

my choice of "vegan" ingredients


  1. PREPARE fish or your choose of meat.After cleaning your choice of meat, cut meat as you desire. I purchase fish from Whole Foods, they saved me this step. I had them to cut my fish into chunks. After cutting your choice of meat, season with your choice of seasonings. Cut onion and limes. Cut one lime in half and the other one in fourths so you can later use on tacos.

  2. Using nonstick skillet, add olive oil or desired choice of oil to skillet, once oil is hot add minced garlic and onion, stir and mix for 1 min, then add your choice of meat. Use one half of the lime, squeeze over meat. Occasionally stirring until meat is cooked thoroughly .

  3. While meat is cooking you can prepare your tortillas by warming in toaster oven, microwave, or stovetop.

  4. Dress tacos as desired.

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